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GreenLawn is located in Ossian Iowa about 10 miles south of Decorah, IA. We service the northeast corner of Iowa and Southeast corner of Minnesota. We travel from Caledonia Minnesota to Cedar Falls Iowa and in-between.

Our fertilizers are all organically based from bio-solids as we want to preserve the land we are privileged to work on. Bio-Solids are nutrient-rich organic materials to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth.



In our lawn care programs we treat from spring to fall. Starting in early spring with our pre-emergent round to control the crabgrass. Our next application is the late spring application, which takes care of your weeds that are actively growing and fertilizing at the same time to get that desired green color. Next is our early summer/Grub control round protecting you from the grub damage that may be present in the soils. Our late summer is next where we are applying a fertilizer for the hot summer months and spot treating the annual grassy weeds and sedges.  Fall is our busiest time of the as it is the best time to control those pesky dandelions and other broadleaf weeds as well as apply an organically based fertilizer. Finally but not least we have the Winterizer round which consist of a heavy granular fertilizer to feed your turf through the harsh Iowa winters.

Our Staff

All of our applicators are trained and certified to understand the proper and legal application methods. Our employees attend a number of different classes throughout the year to improve their strategies and knowledge in the field. As well as being certified all our employees are members of the Iowa Professional Lawn Care Association and the Iowa sports turf management association. 


Jamie Hageman

Tyler Barth
Professional Applicator

Tony Dahlberg
Professional Applicator

Roger Kramme
Professional Applicator

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