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All of our applications we offer in the Decorah, Calmar, Ossian, Postville, Cedar Falls, Cresco, Waukon, and surrounding areas. We go from Caledonia to Cedar Falls. View our service area to see more information.

Lawn Applications

Early Spring Application – A Coated granular fertilizer applied to help bring grass out of winter dormancy and promote spring green up. The fertilizer is coated with a pre-emergent for crabgrass control. This is the most effective method used to control crabgrass in the Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota areas.

Late Spring – This application is your spring dandelion and broadleaf control application. The late spring application is sprayed to control the weeds that are actively growing in your lawn. We have very good luck controlling weeds at this time. This includes your dandelions, plantains, and other broadleaf weeds. We also put down a fertilizer to help boost your lawns color and overall appearance.

Early Spring/ Grub Control – Grubs in the northeast Iowa area can cause damage to your lawn. The grubs feed on the root system of your lawn. The grub control also aids in keeping moles out of your lawn by limiting one of their main food sources in grubs. Lawns do need to have a rainfall or be watered in to move the treatment into the soil. We will also spot treat any weed that may be present at this time

Late Summer – A dry, slow release, non-burning granular fertilizer applied to promote color and help turf survive our northeast Iowa summers. We will also spot treat for yellow nutsedge and crabgrass during this application.

Fall Broadleaf – Fall is an excellent time to control those dandelions and other pesky looking weeds. Our fall application is a spray that controls creeping Charlie, dandelions and other broadleaf weeds for the following spring. We also put in a fertilizer to promote plant growth and healthy root development.

Winterizer – This heavy granular application of fertilizer is designed to feed the turf additional nutrients needed to survive the harsh winter months here in Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota. This could be the most beneficial fertilizer application of the year.

Aeration/over seeding – We offer aeration and aeration with over seeding. Our aeration is done with our ride on machine that will pull core plugs from the soil. Doing this provides better water and nutrient absorption. It helps in the process of eliminating thatch while stimulating root growth. Our aerators have a drop seeder that can drop the seed directly in the plug holes. We will select the correct seed for your lawn.

Lawn Mowing – We offer a Limited amount of lawn mowing in the Decorah and surrounding areas. Contact Jamie to see if we have an opening in your area.

Tree Treatments

Emerald Ash Bore Treatments – Our emerald ash borer treatments are proven by many university trials for the protection of ash trees. The treatment is effective for two years. You can calculate the value of your trees at

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