About Us:

GreenLawn lawn care is in Ossian, Iowa about 10 miles south of Decorah, Iowa. We provide service to the Northeast corner of Iowa and Southeast corner of Minnesota. We travel from Cedar Falls, Iowa to Caledonia, Minnesota, and every small-town in-between. We bring all those small-town values with us to every job. We have over 50 years of combined experience throughout our team. All of our technicians are trained on-site and take continuing education to expand their learning. Our main goal is to give you the lawn that we can both be proud of. All our techs our members of the Iowa Professional Lawn Care Association, who is dedicated in providing professional services from well-trained and certified applicators with safety and Iowa’s ecology in mind.


Our products come with a couple things in mind. We want to give you a clean and healthy lawn along with protecting the environment and ourselves. Our fertilizers are all organically based on bio-solids as we want to preserve the land we are privileged to work on. Bio-Solids are nutrient-rich organic materials to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth. We make sure we know everything there is to know about each product and learn all we can before we make a selection for each and every lawn we treat. With the education each tech has, we can safely apply each product, safely and in a timely matter to maintain a healthy lawn.

Our Services:

Greenlawn lawn programs can provide everything your lawn needs to be the best on the block. We offer a full service lawn-care program. We serve many towns including Decorah, Calmar, Ossian, West Union, Elkader, Cedar Falls, and every small town in-between. We offer six different applications, which you can choose which ones suits you. We have a tech available to help you select which applications are right for you as well. We use an organically based fertilizer in our programs. Our lawncare services also include lawn mowing and trimming and an Emerald Ash Bore treatment.

Why Choose Us:

We understand that the safety of your family and property comes first, and we select all our products with that in mind. We want to give you the lawn we can both be proud of and take pride in. With being well trained in their fields, Greenlawn techs are efficient in what they do. Being efficient means, we are able to keep prices low and affordable. We are responsive, professional, and quality-focused. Please feel free to give Jamie a call at 563-277-2580 with any questions or concerns.


Jamie Hageman

Tyler Barth
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Professional Applicator

Roger Kramme
Professional Applicator

Steven Williams
Professional Applicator

Jordan Schaller
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